Water the good things.

shrink to fit in and get stuck.

Nature talks to anyone who’s willing to listen

The you that moves with purpose and the you that moves without it are two different people.

the second worst thing you could be is misunderstood.

I want better from you, because I want better for you.

Trust and vulnerable are the same word.

Think less.

Move sound.

we’re all flowers

water and sound are my two favorite things.

depending on how you treat it, time is an ally or an enemy. no in between.

I learned how to pray with my eyes open.

The simpler something is, the longer it’ll last.

spoke to god this morning she asked why I've been misusing our mind.

this world is so loud.

Let people exist outside of your head.

the fire in me misses the water in you.

Can’t see it if you’re inside of it

The moment you attempt to define something you rob it of what it truly is.

rhythm is learned in the womb. The first beat you hear is that of your mothers heart.

Is time your ally or your enemy?

We’re just bodies of water organized by thought.

time is life’s currency.

In a broken society, a lot of unnecessary things become needed.

everyone uses everyone.

The mind creates more of whatever you feed it.

Doc gave me a week to live, bummer cause I was gonna become a good person next month

If danger approaches you, find a way to enter it before it enters you.

Don’t take your shit too seriously and be decent to other breathing things.

Just like the ocean told the moon… “you’re the only one I’m able to see, and the only one I can’t touch.”

I built myself using the missing pieces from my childhood.

We're all experienceing ourselves in an endless loop.

One day you’ll have to walk for the both of us

Why’d you go?
Why’d you stay?

let the highs be high and the lows be low

Water looking back at Itself.

when you lose something, become more grateful for what remains

you have yourself in every moment

One day, you’ll die tomorrow.

Water the good things.